40 Bundle DropShip Plan

  • Subscribe to our NEW drop-ship program to obtain our wholesale 40 bundle prices without having to buy 40 bundles. Prices remain valid each month as long as you pay your subscription and the set up fee of $250 is one-time only.
  • $500 per month allows you to buy less than 40 bundles at a time and to start your wholesale hair business without having to buy a lot of inventory.
  • The $250 set up fee gets you a free three hour phone call to set up your website to accept notifications to receive orders.
  • The $250 set up fee also includes access to over 50 professional pictures AND videos you may use.
  • The $250 set up fee also allows you 2 – 30 minute free phone calls to assist with marketing.
  • You will send us your logo, design, and anything you would like in your package to your clients. You will pay us via Paypal or Venmo the 40 bundle rates after your clients pay you AND/OR you will be given a code to be able to checkout on our wholesale portion of the site for 40 bundles and NOT have to meet the minimum of 40 bundles.
  • We will set up a stamps.com account, which we share, so shipping prices and tracking remain transparent and available to you at anytime.

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  • Dropshipping account for 4kg/40 bundle monthly rates. You will be able to purchase hair at the 4kg wholesale price without being required to purchase the wholesale minimum of 40 bundles per month.
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