Bronner Bros. International Hair Show 2020

Bronner Bros. Trade Show: History

Courtesy of Bronner Bros.

Bronner Brothers began in 1947 when brothers Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner and Arthur E. Bronner, Sr., along with their sister, Emma Bronner, began teaching area cosmetologists different techniques. With 300 people in attendance, the first Bronner Brothers Trade Show was held. Over the years, popularity grew and many celebrity speakers were invited to the show.  Due to the growth of the event, the show was moved several times, first from the Butler Street YMCA, then to the Atlanta City Auditorium. In 1967 the show signed a 10-year contract with the Hyatt Regency, which would be home to the show for the next 20 years. Growth continued and the show moved several more times before landing at its present venue, the Georgia World Congress Center.

Bronner Bros. Trade Show: Present

The Facts

Bronner Bros. Trade Show is the largest cosmetology trade show dedicated specifically to multicultural beauty. Over 300 exhibitors attend each year and over 100 professional classes are offered to train and earn CEUs. Bronner Bros. show weekends boast special pricing, unlimited networking with some of the best in the business, and demos of new techniques and innovations. The show has grown from 300 to over 25,000 attendees.

Click to view the Bronner Bros. 2020 class schedule.

Attendee and Exhibitor Pricing

Bronner Bros. Trade Show stylist demonstrating

There are several options for pricing to attend the trade show with categories for VIP, Professionals, Students, and 1 day passes. As a VIP you can expect to spend $200 at the door, $100 for professionals, $70 for students, and $50 for a 1-day pass. Only the VIP option gives access to the night-life events after the show.

Click for attendee pricing.

Click for booth diagram and list of vendors. ( Please note: The linked vendor list is for the February 2020 Show going on NOW. The exhibitor layout for the August 2020 Show has not yet been released.)

Why Exhibit?

Rocky doing tradeshow interview and becoming the Hair God.

Interested in exhibiting instead? There are more than 30,000 professionals exhibiting at Bronner Bros. trade show each year. From a marketing standpoint, exhibiting at tradeshows can be a wonderful way to gain exposure and gain new leads. It is important to note, though, the amount of hair vendors that support Bronner Bros. Trade Show has climbed exponentially in recent years, requiring that they limit the number of hair vendors allowed to exhibit. There is a waitlist process and availability fills quickly.

Click here for exhibitor information and registration for the August 2020 Show.

Although we were unable to attend the Bronner Bros. Show this year due to conflicting business engagements, we will still be in Atlanta later this year for a beauty convention. Keep a look out for information on the location, date, and times of our next show! We love when you come out to see us! Until then, you can read about our past Bronner Bros. experience here.

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