How to Embrace Gray Hair

Let’s face it: Time passes and with it, there are unexpected changes to our body and health. It’s impossible to keep some of them at bay. There will be wrinkles and aches and pains that you can’t do anything about. And your hair? It’s likely that as you age, your hair will turn gray.

For some people, turning gray happens earlier than they thought it would. For example, stress or other health issues such as thyroid problems may mean that hair turns gray at an earlier age. But there are some myths about turning gray, too. Plucking out those gray hairs, for example, won’t do anything to prevent more of them to pop up and may weaken the hair, too. And gray hair isn’t necessarily coarser than your typically colored hair, it just may be drier.

What else do you need to know about gray hair? This graphic explains it.

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