The Indian Human Hair Trade

The Indian human hair trade extends from the capital of the country, New Delhi, all the way to the subtropical southern regions where the “tonsure temples” are more prevalent. The journey from Delhi to Chennai by train takes almost 3 days, but allows you to view the beautiful diverse country up close and personal.

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New Delhi hair vendors are about as common as the McDonald’s, which are everywhere, but unlike most McDonalds, these random Delhi hair vendors do not maintain any quality control or regulations within their companies and products.

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In south India the same problem exists with large numbers of street and village vendors, but with some exploring and digging one is able to find proper made factories that are sourcing from temples and controlling quality by keeping their labor educated and well paid.

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The Hair Maiden India team has taken this journey routinely, since 2014 and plans to share their experiences with the world in summer 2017…

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Video of our train ride to south India in search of human hair.

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