Indian Money for Indian Hair

Currency in India No Longer accepted for local trade !!!

Modhi the PM of India has enforced new currency into the land in an effort to mitigate all the “black money” floating around the country. The implications of this not only affect the Indian human hair trade, but the transport and other industries as well. As many look for ways to clean money and dump it into businesses, some suppliers inventories are being fast depleted and for others who mainly sell domestically, their inventories are not moving.

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The hair market in India fluctuates based on supply and demand, just like any other. With transport industries relying heavily on cash to move, we may see even more delays in order processing and timing, simply because the hair is not able to be transported the same way as before. Trucks and couriers will be back home with family and not moving.

For the long run of the country many feel this is a positive step in the right direction. The people once strapped with more “black” cash than they knew how to spend have been hit hard. The way of the world is that some try and stop the “black activities” and others will invent new ways to go around them. Only the future will tell how good and lasting this change will be. In the meantime Hair Maiden India still operates in US Dollars as well as Rupees and Euros, so we will keep the virgin Indian hair rolling your way no matter where in the world you are !

We wish to thank all our members for the comments and encouragement as we travel over India bringing exclusive behind the scenes footage and amazing direct knowledge into this complicated and extensive industry. Thank you from India !!!

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