Inside Industry Info Saturday – #1


Wholesalers !

Have you ever wondered why your clients complain about their hair extensions quality after washing and drying, but they were happy at first?

You’ve tested the hair and everything seems legit, but your clients start complaining about the quality after purchasing and using the hair extensions.

What’s going on ?


Most of the large suppliers offer “remy hair” They gather this hair from the floors of the barber shops and temples, mix them together and then they have to bathe the hair in acidic substances that strip the cuticles, finally they dye the hair black and may add a silicon-based coating (heavy chemicals) to make the hair appear smooth, soft, and shinny.

It is very nice at first sight,but after several times washing and after being in humid conditions, the hair would begin to tangle and shed unbearably.

Real virgin hair is not as “nice” as “remy” hair at first sight, because it is 100% unprocessed meaning might they may have few grey or white hairs, even some split ends, and the ends will be a little lighter (hardly noticeable) than the heads in color. Removing these split ends and white hairs is a very labor intensive process, which is performed by nearly 20 people at a time in our north Indian factory.

The real quality in Virgin hair shows itself again and again over time, not just at first sight. After washing and caring for your hair extensions just like your own real hair, the smooth feel and natural shine synonymous with Indian hair, will be unmistakeable for years to come.

golden temple amritsar india

golden temple india

indian hair extensions exhibition

Bronner Brothers International Hair and Beauty Show 2017 | Atlata, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center from Feb 11-13

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