Natural Indian Temple Hair Is Our Specialty

We can offer any style,color, or texture at a minimum fee for wholesale orders, however we specialize in natural temple hair.
Curly and wet wavy etc are also readily available. We have the sources to stock and sell upwards of 100kg/month. The best quality hair in large quantities of lengths above 30in is a bit tough to acquire, and takes about a week longer to deliver. We like to ensure each bundle of my hair is up to par with clients.

Loose hair for braiding is readily available as well, however we  specialize in machine wefting using the new four head technology which insures clean stitching and no discomfort or shedding.
Our partners in India are our family and are constantly watching our supplies and sources. They routinely make sure the manufacturing process involves no chemicals, no shortcuts are taken, and only human hands are working.
We travel the country for six months or so each year and are also a citizens with family and friends from India. We visit the temples, the manufacturers, the suppliers, and the sources from the south to the east researching and learning about the human hair trade.

premium curly indian hair

all natural raw indian hair steam pressed to achieve a safe and curly look

We truly believe we have discovered the best quality hair extensions one could possibly have. We are able to send wholesale samples and even make a trip your direction to further discuss business ventures.
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