Trending: Hairstyles of 2019

A decade has come to an end and we are already several days into the New Year. 2019 was an interesting year in the world of fashion and beauty, with hairstyles being no exception. 2019 was a year of recycling, seeing a resurgence of edgy bobs, free flowing waves, and hair accessories (how early 90’s right!?). So, let’s take a look back at some of the most trendy dos of 2019.

1. The Bob

edgy bob

Khloe Kardashian and her signature blonde with a blunt cut bob are to die for! The look is so edgy and chic! This simple bob, or lob as many would call it, is great for a mom on the go who doesn’t want to have to spend hours on styling but still wants to look chic, or even a college student who wants to look put together at their 8AM class. This is also one of those looks that works wonderful with hair extensions so you can experiment without having to cut your hair.

Khloe Kardashian, Cosmopolitan

2. Beach Waves

flowing beach waves full lace wig

Chrissy Teigan is sun-kissed perfection with her tousled beach waves. She is certainly looks ready for a day of sun and sand. Waves were such a popular look in 2019 as the simplicity of the 90’s circled around. People were doing mascara, gloss, and beach waves as their go to look, and for good reason… it’s the perfect way to look like a total goddess without spending hours getting ready. This look is easily achieved using your natural locks or even with a full-lace wig, which would help to maintain the simplicity and be protective of your natural hair.

Chrissy Teigan, Hollywood Life

3. The Sleek Pony

sleek low pony with extensions

A sleek pony can pull any look together, whether you let your tresses hang or braid them for a more modern look. The pony can be dressed up or down, as Beyonce’ displays, and looks fantastic on everyone. This is also another look that is ideal for those on the go. This look can easily be achieved by those with shorter hair by using some wefted hair extensions wrapped around an already slicked pony.

Beyonce’ Knowles, Glamour Magazine

4. Faux Locs and Braids

playful faux locs hairstyle

Faux locs are a wonderful protective style and one of Megan Good’s go to looks. If you aren’t ready to commit to full on locs, this is also a great way to play with the look without the commitment. Faux locs and braids are so versatile and can be very playful when worn down or sleek and sexy when worn up!

Megan Goode, Naturally Me Media

5. The Top Knot

sleek top knot hairstyle

The messy bun cleans up its act a bit with this sleek top knot look Jennifer Lopez is rocking. Although simple, there is just something so sophisticated about this hairstyle. This is also a great protective style because it doesn’t require much manipulation of the hair. Short hair? No problem. As with the sleek pony, you can always wrap hair extensions around and twist it to create the top knot of your dreams!

Jennifer Lopez, NuMe Blog

6. The Center Part

sleek extensions with center part

Gabrielle Union is looking amazing with her super sleek straight hair and center part. The most difficult part of a center part hairstyle…is finding the center! The center part actually looks fantastic on pretty much all face shapes, with all hairstyles, and will help to accentuate those cheekbones!

Gabrielle Union,

7. Hair Accessories

hair accessory trend hairstyle

Hair accessories came back strong in 2019 and I’m here for it!!! Ashley Graham is giving all kinds of 90’s vibes with her Gucci clips and matching Dapper Dan blazer dress. Snap clips and butterfly clips were also seen all over by celebrities such as Salonge and Rihanna. You are sure to look trendy with a sleek pony, center part, and snap clips!!

Ashley Graham, Allure Magazine

So, what is your favorite hair trend of 2019? Do you see any of these hairstyles moving into 2020 as well? I know I will be trying out the center part and hair clips to freshen up my look!! Let me know which ones you will be trying out!

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