5 reasons to use Indian Temple Hair

Have you ever considered where premium-quality hair comes from? We’ve all seen Remy wigs, made to last for years, but who collects all those samples? Well, you probably don’t know, but in India and China, hair is a lucrative business that generates millions of dollars in revenue.

For example, small agents will tour Eastern European, Asian, and Chinese villages, buying off the hair from the women willing to sell. In India, giving your hair to the temple is a way of showing gratitude, while priests pray for your good fortune and health.

Usually, temple rulers will sell this hair to big manufacturing companies, and this is how Indian temple hair enters the market. We bring you a couple of reasons why Indian temple hair should be your choice.

High-quality temple hair

This is the highest quality hair you could possibly find on the market. It uses only raw materials selected from the finest samples.

On top of everything, this product hasn’t been chemically treated or dyed. Therefore, it’s convenient for different styling options. Therefore, if you decide to buy extensions or wigs made from Indian temple hair, you can die or use heating tools because it’s very well resistant to heat.

It would be like you are styling your own hair, with no difference at all.

Indian temple hair is ethically sourced

While there has been some controversy surrounding this product, we can confirm that in most cases, it has been ethically sourced. At least all pieces in our shop are picked with great care.

We know that many people avoid using Indian hair for this very reason. But, to give you peace of mind, all samples come from a verified place, so there is nothing to worry about.

Natural Indian hair great for styling

Many extensions and wigs don’t respond well to styling tools. That’s why having a great hairstyle becomes very challenging. But, with the help of real strands, you get to have a hairstyle you always wanted.

It’s a great match for European and American hair. Our pieces come with little to no texture while offering you a natural-looking effect. On the other hand, if you wish to add some volume, it will have enough strength to hold your curls for hours to come.

100% temple virgin hair

When looking to buy wigs and extensions, it’s essential to know the company or the person selling the products. We often hear stories of people being scammed or tricked into buying fake Indian hair.

It’s important to mention that our extensions are 100% genuine and will provide you with the most beautiful effect of natural hair. You can style it any way you want, without any laminations.

You do have to pay special attention to its care, but that’s normal for any extension type. Just condition well, and you will be taken care of.

Buy Indian temple hair extensions to experience a variety

Why do people go for extensions? You would be surprised to know that many of our customers have great hair, but they want to experience a variety and try something different.

Extensions are a great way to change your entire look. Whether you have short or long hairstyle, they give you a choice to do something about your appearance. On top of everything, you can get extensions in different textures, styles, and colors. 

One day you are blond while next, you could be black, interesting, right?

Indian temple hair wholesale – pros

This market has become very competitive, and these types of products are very expensive. That’s why many people turn to wholesales in hopes of scoring these items for an affordable price. If you ever decide to get your pieces this way, we can offer you our wholesale services.

Here are a couple of benefits you could experience:

  • Fast delivery, reasonable prices and vast supply.
  • If you decide to get items from our temple hair store, virgin excluded, we can offer you pretty good deals.
  • We work with companies in the same industry. If you are looking to start a business and need a reliable supplier, contact us.

The story behind the Indian hair industry

Women have been donating their hair to temples for hundreds of years. But, this new trend of making extensions and wigs is relatively new. In many impoverished regions in India, hair is one of the few things people have to offer.

For many, it’s difficult to give up such a luxury and personal offering because, in some way, it is the ultimate perception of beauty. Indian culture considers this item an element of beauty, and considering how stunning their hair is, it’s probably their most precious possession.

On the other hand, we have Indian pilgrims who sacrifice their hair in ceremonies called “Tonsuring.” Usually, they pay tribute to Goddess or God twice in their lifetime. Every year, tens of millions of Indians gather in temples to donate hair.

Considering the diversity of donors, strands come in different lengths and textures. At the moment, hair is a hot commodity, especially virgin one, that hasn’t been chemically treated.

The Indian market is able to produce enough samples to satisfy the market’s demands, and everyone wants to get their hand on shiny, beautiful, and healthy pieces. Usually, samples are directly procured from temples, and are used to make wigs and extensions.

The strands and extensions we offer are:

  • Donated willingly with full consent of donors
  • We treat each donor with ultimate respect
  • Donors are well compensated for their services, and a fair price is established
  • There is no middleman; we directly procure hair from Indian temples

Unfortunately, this market faces a lot of challenges. There has been a lot of manipulation and illegal collecting. Since Indian society is very diverse, there are a lot of poor regions where people will sell almost anything to earn a bit of money.

This gives an opportunity to some companies to buy cheap but high-quality hair. Therefore, this area needs to be better regulated in the future. 


Now that you know all the reasons behind this product, tell us what you think. Would you invest your money in Indian Temple Hair? We would because it offers premium quality and nothing less.

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