Weave Hair

The highest quality sew in hair extensions on the market. Our weave hair is ethically sourced and handpicked from single donors who have never had their hair colored or chemically treated. All our different types of weave hair are 100% natural. The bundles, which are sourced from both North and South Indian Temples, are always thick from root to tip and cuticle aligned. Experience superior quality with our exclusive three-head machine, utilizing patented technology to meticulously double-weft each bundle for flawless sew-ins. Our weave bundles, weighing between 104-111 grams (3.5-4 ounces), showcase precision and perfection. Enjoy the luxury of cuticle-aligned strands, ensuring a seamless blend from root to tip. Elevate your styling experience with our innovatively crafted bundles, setting new standards in hair extensions.

Our weave hair extensions can be silky/soft, raw/coarse, or a combination of both, but always tangle-free, shed-free, and with a natural luster that can be styled just like your own hair. Whether you’re looking for straight, wavy, or curly hair extensions, we have the perfect match for you. Everyone will be envious of your thick and shiny new hair!

Sew in Hair Extensions for Amazing Volume

Looking for an easy way to add volume or length to your hair? Sew in hair extensions are the perfect solution! At Hair Maiden India, we offer a wide selection of the best qualities in sew in hair made from 100% natural hair. Our unique double wefting technology makes our weave hair last longer than other brands. We use a patented 3 head machine to double weft each bundle for sew in. Each of our weave bundles weigh from 104-111 grams or 3.5-4 ounces. Each bundle is cuticle aligned from root to tip.

Our sew in hair is available in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles to suit your personal preferences. North and South Indian hair are both the best hair weave on the market today for long lasting versatile styles. Shop our collection of sew in hair today and take your hairstyle to the next level!

Natural hair weave

If you want a new look or are looking for ways to protect your natural hair, wearing a natural hair weave is the way to go. With the abundance of options available and how easy it is to take care of them, they’re perfect for starters.

Indian hair weave is the best choice for a natural yet luxurious look. It will blend seamlessly with your natural hair and can be styled over and over again. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction, which means no frizz or tangling. You can style your Indian human hair weave in whatever way you desire.

Whether you want to wear it in its natural state or have it styled, curled or straightened, this hair is versatile and easy to manage. Shop today for the best human hair weaves at Hair Maiden India!

Weave hair colors

We can color the hair however you’d like. Our bundles are naturally dark brown or black #1b, but color easily since the hair is natural and not chemically treated ever. We only use the highest quality Indian Temple Hair in our weaves, so our weave hair is the best for coloring! You can color them on your own or have our stylists do it for you.

What is a hair weave?

Weaves are hair extensions that are attached to the person's hair by sewing, gluing, or clipping. Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which are meant to be taken out daily, weaves are sewn into your own hair and should last for a few weeks. A weave is not a wig. It is sewn into natural hair instead of just sitting on top like a wig does, which makes it more durable and accentuates your natural beauty.

How to wash weave hair?

The great thing about weaves is that you can maintain your hair as you would with your own hair. Just stick to your regular hair routine and avoid too hot water. It is highly recommended to use a high-quality natural sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner in order to keep the hair looking and feeling its best. We recommend air drying when possible.

How to put weave in your hair?

We recommend going to a stylist, but you can also try it yourself. You'll need a needle, thread, and a braid pattern to create the desired look. The first step is to put the thread through the needle and tie a knot to secure it. Once that's complete, you'll want to start sewing the hair into your braid. You can start at either side of the nape; but for more hair coverage on your head, it'll be best if you begin at the crown and work your way downward.

Is weave horse hair?

Not at Hair Maiden India, We only sell the best quality 100% natural human hair sourced from the temples in India. Horse hair is used to make wigs in some cases for cosplay or costume wigs, but we do not offer them.

What is the best type of straight weave?

Indian hair is a great choice for first-time wearers and skilled stylists alike. Our straight indian hair has a silky texture, but isn't soft in the sense of being easily damaged or frayed. Indian hair holds its natural luster well, making it perfect for many different types of looks. Indian hair lasts for a long time even after repeated styling or wear.