9 Reasons To Try Hair Extensions

Women pay a lot of attention to their hair, and it’s an important part of their physical appearance. In fact, nothing can add beauty to a woman’s personality than a healthy and maintained hairstyle. Regardless of color, length, or texture, hair in any form is a gift.

But, if you want to experience a bit of change or try some new looks, adding extensions is the easiest way to test new waters and find a look that perfectly suits you. With so many options out there, it’s practically impossible to choose one type.

But fear not.

We are here to help you make an informed decision about hair extensions and offer a couple of suggestions why you should consider putting them on.

Curly hair extensions – offer an emergency fix

We’ve all been there; you go to a hairdresser, pay for a haircut, and things don’t turn out as expected. If you notice that the hairdresser doesn’t understand the things you want to do with your hair, they might chop more than you wanted.

For instance, they could make it look thinner, add unnecessary layers, or miss length. Fortunately, expansions can save the day, fix any bad haircut and allow you to create a different style. So, if your haircut doesn’t go to plan, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.

Ponytail hair extensions – to add volume and length

Many people are born with thin hair. Also, after giving birth, women tend to lose a lot of strands, which can be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, and others. While some products can improve this condition, shampoos and supplements won’t work for everyone.

The same goes for men and women hoping to add some length. No matter how hard you try, your hair can’t seem to pass the shoulders, right? Well, now you don’t have to worry about volume and length.

You can simply add on extensions and forget about growing your hair or working on its volume. The extension will make it look fuller, thicker, and longer. 

Weft hair extensions – help you create a unique style

Most of us believe that extensions are there to add length and volume, but you couldn’t be more wrong. While this is true to some extent, it certainly undervalues the versatility of premium extensions.

If you want to go for a new look or create a hairstyle that your natural hair doesn’t allow you to, extensions are perfect. For example, you could try dividing your hair in half and use extensions to form a high ponytail while leaving the other half down.

On the other hand, you could add volume by making curls, and it’s even possible to make braids. Basically, at this point, your options are endless.

Hair extensions for short hair add diversity

People with short haircuts can experience plenty of diversity if they use extensions. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow long to try different hairstyles. Also, if you have some special occasion like a wedding, party, or prom, these extensions will make you feel beautiful and help you create a unique style.

Sew in hair extensions with different colors

Have you ever considered changing your hair color? Perhaps you want to get highlights or lowlights, but you are too worried about the outcome. Well, extensions are a perfect way to find out how another color will look on you.

Now it’s possible to buy extensions in different shades or blend them with your natural hairstyle. Instantly, you can achieve an ombre look without applying any dye.

Not only is this less risky, but it’s less damaging. There are no chemicals involved, allowing you to change color frequently. This way, your hair stays healthy, as you get to experiment with colors.

You can wash them

It’s not like when you put the extensions on, that’s it; they are permanent; no taking them off, no washing them. Depending on the type you choose, many of them feel very natural, and you can maintain them like you would do your real hair. But we will talk more about that in a second.

Extensions help you hide hair damage

You can hardly hide split ends, especially if they spread upward from the bottom of the hair. Unless you want to cut off half of your hair, adding extensions is the easiest solution. They allow you to hide any imperfections, giving your hair a healthy appearance.

It can last a long time

Since you can maintain and treat extensions like human hair, they can last you a very long time, especially if you buy high-quality ones.

Boost your confidence with a new hairstyle

Most of us want to look nice and feel confident in our own skin. Without making any major changes, hair is one of the best ways to boost confidence. If you decide to get extensions, people will not even notice you are wearing them, and you will feel much nicer.

Just because you have a short haircut, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock a great style. As we mentioned earlier, extensions allow you to experiment with length, and once you have the desired length, you can create an unlimited number of hairstyles.

What type of best hair extensions to get?

Before we start describing different types of extensions, you should know they can be made of synthetic and human hair.

When it comes to human hair extensions, they come from another person, so this is pretty much self-explanatory. We call these premium extensions Remy hair, meaning that the cuticles aren’t damaged and run in the same direction.

It has little to no tangling, while extensions remain silky and smooth. You can treat and style Remy hair like your natural one.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is made of plastic, fine fibers that intend to mimic human follicles. While synthetic extensions can be good to some extent, they are usually wiry, coarse, stiff, and move differently from human hair.

Also, you can easily damage synthetic hair, especially if you are using a styling tool like a curling or flat iron.

Now let’s talk about different types and how to wear hair extensions.


As the name implies, you just clip them in. Clips are attached to the same base, and you can use them instantly. They snap open and closed, so you can easily get them in and out of your hair. It will take about 15 minutes to put them on your hair without using extra heat, pressure, or glue.

We have to mention these are the most popular types of extensions, but they tend to be low in quality.


Next are tape-Ins, which come with a piece of tape you can attach to either side of your strand. Keep in mind that licensed professionals should install or remove tape-ins. Even though this might increase your costs, it’s necessary to ensure these extensions appear as natural as possible.

To look nice, tape-ins need to be perfectly aligned with your root. We accomplish this with the help of a heating tool. The heat is applied to the tape, ensuring the extension stays in place.

On the other hand, if you wish to remove tape-ins, you can’t just take them off. This process involves the application of a special glue remover. It will take you approximately 40 minutes to install tape-ins.

This is considered a semi-permanent solution, and they should be reinstalled every four to eight weeks.

Sew-In Extensions or Weaves

You install weaves by sewing them into braids. They are great for people who have thick hair because the tight application can put a lot of pressure on the scalp. Keep in mind that this process can last for several hours and need to be done by a professional.

This is a very challenging technique, so never attempt to do it on your own. Basically, you sew extensions into your natural hair. It is very popular among men and women because you can leave sew-ins in for up to four months.


And lastly, we have fusions which you can install by using glue. It will take you up to four hours to put on fusions. However, they aren’t the ideal solution for most people because the application process is very damaging to natural hair.

The recommended wear time is up to four months. Please note that chemicals found in glue might irritate your scalp or cause hair loss, so be careful.


We hope you enjoyed this article and were able to find out something new about hair extensions. They can be a great way to change your look instantly. However, make sure to schedule an appointment with a hairdresser who knows how to install them properly; otherwise, you might end up in a mess. Changing your hairstyle isn’t something you should take for granted, especially if someone ends up cutting it in the wrong way. Luckily, high-quality extensions are here to save the day; you just need to find one that works best for you.

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