4×4 Closure Wig

Our 4×4 Closure Wig is a particular style of wig that has a closure that measures 4 inches by 4 inches at the top of the wig. The closure resembles a genuine scalp because it is constructed of a piece of lace with hair strands knotted onto it. We offer 5×5 and 4×4 HD lace closure as well as 4×4 and 5×5 transparent lace closure.

Typically, this 4×4 closure is positioned in the middle of the wig, providing a variety of parting possibilities. The closure is made to match your natural hairline perfectly, creating the appearance of a scalp. This kind of wig is often used to preserve natural hair while achieving a perfect, realistic-looking hairdo. 100% Human Indian Hair is used to create the remainder of the wig, which is then sewed onto a cap that closely fits the head.

Anyone looking for a more adaptable and reasonably priced full lace wig alternative should definitely consider this 4×4 Closure Wig. It has a natural-looking part and is versatile enough to be dressed in a number of ways, such as updos and ponytails. It protects your natural hair as well, which makes it a fantastic option for anyone who wishes to give their hair a rest from routine styling and manipulation.