Welcome to our 100% Indian Human Hair Extensions shop! We provide the highest quality hair extensions, wigs, closures, and more direct from the temples of India. Shop around on our site to learn about the qualities we offer.

North Indian hair is typically more sleek and shiny containing natural strands of hair with henna in it. Henna is an indicator of true raw hair. Many companies dye hair and use harsh chemicals. We do not. South Indian hair is the most cuticle healthy hair on the human hair market. South Indian hair is coarser and thicker as well as full from root to tip. South Indian hair is also the only hair that has raw natural curls.

We do not mix any of our hair with cheap fillers or synthetics. We can use a safe steam method to achieve any curly or wavy hair styles you can imagine. We offer many styles ranging from Brazilian hair to Mink hair. Even though these types of hair are not actually real, we can mimic the style with a light safe steam method that does not damage cuticles near as much as chemicals.

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