Bundle Deals

Looking for hair bundle deals with various textures and premium quality? Look no further than Hair Maiden India! Check out our popular human hair bundles!

Our human hair packs are sourced from the best Indian temples and are available in a variety of textures, lengths, and colors. Whether you’re looking for virgin Indian hair or Remy hair, we’ve got you covered. Pick any 3 of your favorite human hair packs today!

Hair Maiden India has all the popular hair bundle deals available! You’ll find our most popular hair bundles in textures like kinky, textured, and body wave. Create classic Hollywood beauty styles or more modern hairstyles with our high-quality virgin Indian hair at an amazing price. Hair Maiden India is the best-kept secret of Los Angeles, Hollywood stars and influencers, so hurry up and shop our exclusive human hair bundles.

Why is shopping for human hair bundles a good idea?

3 bundles will give you the full look you’re looking for! There’s always a chance you’ll need more hair than you think, which is why it’s always a good idea to purchase the right amount. You don’t want your hairstyle to look a bit incomplete or rushed. Most of our clients use 2-3 bundles in order to achieve the look they desire. Save money by utilizing this deal we created for your convenience!

By choosing our Indian hair bundle deals that come with three bundles of hair in a pack, you and your stylist will be able to complete full installations without running out of hair. It’s easier to maintain your hairstyle when you have a little leftover hair, which could even lead to two installs with the same bundle. Shop smart with us!

What is a bundle of hair?

The term “bundle of hair” refers to one individual hair extension piece that has been wefted to stay together. The standard weight of bundles is 3.5 - 4 oz or 100-110 grams, with the most common lengths being 10" - 32". More celebrities are appearing with 40" lengths, too.

Do I need 3 or 4 bundles of hair?

You should purchase 2-3 bundles of the appropriate length for hair between 14 and 18 inches. Similarly, 4 bundles will be required for hair that is between 28 and 40 inches in length. For instance, if your preference is 18 inches and you have a frontal, purchase bundles of 14, 16, and/or 18-24 inches.

What type of hair bundle is best?

Indian hair bundles are always high in demand. The hair is soft and silky , and is mostly raw, virgin, and naturally colored unless dyed. In other words, this is some of the highest quality human hair for weaving. It's often referred to as the best human hair for sew-in weave.

What’s the difference between a pack of hair and a bundle?

It's common to see “bundle hair” and packaged hair used interchangeably by beauty supply stores. The difference is that most of the time, bundle hair is higher in quality than packaged hair. When buying bundles, you're generally looking for 100% virgin remy hair with great quality that will last a long time. A bundle is wefted and ready to be turned into clip ins, a sew in, or whatever you desire.