Remy Hair

Remy hair is our North Indian hair steamed to match certain textures. We use a safe 3 day steam process with only hot water and heat. We do not use chemicals to create these textures, so they will loosen a little after a few washes. Each bundle is 3.5-4 ounces and cuticles are intact and flowing from root to tip. We double machine weft these bundles, as well as all others. Each price is per bundle.

Remy hair is considered to be high-quality hair because all the cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction. This means that the hair will be smoother and less prone to tangling and matting. Our Indian Remy hair will change your whole look. Remy hair can be made from a variety of different hair types, but Indian hair has proven again and again to be the best in the market.

Our Remy hair extensions are steamed using a safe 3-day steam method with no chemicals or harmful additives. We don’t cut any corners, and the resulting hair is of excellent quality, long-lasting, and 100% natural. The hair comes from the top tier of Indian temples. Hair Maiden India is proud to bring you such amazing products.

Our Remy human hair is comparable to “10a grade hair,” which is what other companies use when they grade their bundles. This “10a grade” reflects an uncompromised quality that our clients have been raving about for years

This hair can be washed and conditioned as normal with natural products and should be left to air-dry after. Remy hair extensions are extremely versatile and they can easily be styled, permed, or dyed. For full coverage, we recommend buying at least 3 Remy hair bundles.

Are you ready to explore why Remy hair extensions are so wanted in the market? Start exploring different styles and textures of our Remy hair extensions. From straight and sleek Remy hair extension to deep curl textures, we have everything you need to complete your fabulous look.

What is Remy Hair

Remy hair is the highest natural grade of human hair. It is 100% human hair that is loved all over for it’s premium quality. The hair cuticles are aligned in a unidirectional alignment to reduce the chances of tangling, making it so your wig or extensions will last.

Is Remy hair long lasting?

Yes, because the cuticles are aligned, making it harder to tangle or mess up. Remy Hair extensions possess an elasticity that can be stretched and lasts longer than other extensions

Is Remy hair resistant to shedding?

Our double wefting technology and wefts and in order to diminish the occurrence of shedding. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll get the best life out of your extensions.

Is Remy hair superior quality?

Indian Remy hair is a premium option because the cuticles are intact and aligned and the hair has a healthier shiny appearance.