Virgin Exclusive Hair

Our rare South Indian younger donor collection is hand picked by our owner at Indian temples each year. This is the absolute hair industry highest level of hair extensions that are available. Each bundle is from a unique donor and weighs between 100-115 grams. We carefully double machine weft each bundle with the cuticles intact. This hair lasts for years and can be colored or styled as you please. Our virgin exclusive hair is not sold elsewhere and is not availble in most stores.

Our most rare Young Donor Virgin Exclusive Hair is high-quality, hand-picked South Indian hair that other companies can’t even get their hands on. Due to our direct connections and long relationships with the saints inside the temples in India, we have access to this extremely rare hair loved by our celebrity clients around the world! It’s sourced from donors who are younger in age, meaning less has been done to it. Our South Indian hair has been minimally processed to preserve the highest level of quality possible.

This hair has never had any processing, coloring, or styling done to it. That’s why it’s the top rated hair in the human hair industry. This means the hair has all the capabilities of Virgin Hair and Remy Hair, but is harder to find because it’s so natural and healthy. It is one of the rarest hair types you will find, and Hair Maiden India can guarantee its premium quality.

This South Indian hair is extremely healthy and thick. You can easily switch between different looks and the hair will remain healthy, due to its extreme durability.

The donors cleanse their hair with natural oils and water, keeping their beauty routine as simple and as natural as possible. They donate it happily at temples when they make their pilgrimages. They give both their virgin hair and their blessings, so it is not just the hair that you are purchasing. By establishing trustworthy partnerships here, we’re able to ensure that profits go directly back into the communities.

Our Virgin exclusive hair is one of a kind and it’s the healthiest hair on the market, lasting up to 2+ years with proper care.

Who wears and buys Virgin Exclusive Hair?

Actresses, influencers and famous singers love our South Indian Young donor hair! From Elisa Johnson, (Magic Johnson's daughter), to Lynn Whitflied (Netflix’s Greenfiled), to India Love (The Westbrooks) ! We have celebrity clients around the world who buy this regularly. Check out our instagram to learn more. They love our virgin hair because of its premium quality that blends into any style. Our South Indian Young Donor hair is the most rare, healthiest, and most durable type of hair you will find. It is suitable for all kinds of styling, including more intense coloring, due to it being extremely healthy and well taken care of.

Is Virgin Exclusive Hair the best Hair extensions from Hair Maiden India?

Yes. It is definitely the best hair you can find and we are more than proud to have such quality products in our shop. Our South Indian hair is unique because it comes from young donors and is cleaned with natural oils and water instead of harsh hair products. It is the most rare and the most natural type of hair available anywhere.

How expensive is Virgin Exclusive Hair?

Our young Donor South Indian hair comes with a higher price tag due to its uncompromised quality and exclusivity. Pricing is medium to higher when compared to similar products on the market and it is meant for customers that want top tier products.