How To Choose The Perfect Length Of Hair Extension?

So, you’ve finally decided to invest money in some high-quality hair extensions? Where do you even start? What length to choose? 

They are a great way to add volume to your hair or make it longer without waiting for it to grow out. But, how do you pick the right length and make it seamlessly blend into your hair? After all, you want your extensions to look flawless, right? 

Well, we might have a couple of tricks in store for you! Hopefully, this hair extension length guide will save you trouble and help you find the perfect hairpiece. Let’s start right away! 

Start from your own hair? 

This might sound obvious but focus on your hair first. Based on some rules, you shouldn’t get extensions or clip-ins that are way longer than your natural length. Of course, we all want to add length and volume. However, if your hair is too short, adding too many extensions won’t help you accomplish the desired look. 

Just the other way around, it will be obvious and choppy. People with shoulder-length hairstyles can get longer extensions, but those with short hairstyles should opt for mid-length extensions. 

How to measure length? 

To select the right hair extension length, you need to know how long your hair is. We are not saying you should roughly guess; you need to know the numbers. Stand in front of the mirror, grab a measuring tape, and measure the length from your ears until the tips. It’s as easy as that. 

Whatever piece of hair falls down the measuring tape, it represents your natural length. 

How to measure for hair extensions? 

If you wish to accomplish a blended and natural look, we suggest applying the above approach. However, there is one important thing to consider, your height. In fact, how tall you are will impact how the extension will look like. 

For instance, if you are tall, your extensions will look short, and your extensions will look longer if you are shot. So, that’s something to consider when shopping for this hairpiece. Also, if you are getting clip-ins for an important event, don’t forget that you might be wearing heels. 

Different lengths

Your hair color, thickness, and texture will determine the clip-ins and extensions you will get. However, that’s not where varieties end. In most cases, brands will make different types of extensions, allowing you plenty of choices and helping you find your perfect match. 

Basically, your hair length and whether it’s short, medium, or long will determine what type of extensions to get. 

How long do extensions need to be? 

In most cases, your natural hair needs to be at least four inches long so that you can hide the extensions. Therefore, if you have a pixie cut, you’ll just have to wait until your hair grows out. For other lengths, you would be pleased to know that various extensions will suit your needs. 

Short hairstyle – 14 inch hair extensions 

Are you still rocking a bob? Do you want to update your hairstyle, add a bit of volume and make it longer? Well, as we mentioned earlier, extensions are an excellent way to breathe in a new life and improve your appearance. 

Usually, the shortest ones  you will find are between 12 and 14 inches. When they are set in places, the hair should reach your shoulder. It also depends on how tall you are. We wouldn’t suggest you go for longer extensions if you have shorter hair because it will disrupt your overall look. It simply won’t look natural. 

Moreover, if you are dealing with short and thin hair, extensions won’t only improve your look but also provide volume. You will end up with a heavy-looking hairstyle.

Medium length hair – 16 inch hair extensions 

Is your hair somewhere in between, neither long nor short? Do you feel like it’s been that way for ages? Don’t stress about it; a range of extensions is designed specifically for this purpose. To add a bit of volume, you will most likely benefit from 18 inch hair extensions. 

Once you put them on, they will fall around your but, providing you with extra length and volume. If you deal with thin medium hair, extensions will ensure you have a bouncier and voluminous hairstyle. 

We believe that the best extensions for medium-length hair are 18-inch extensions. Don’t be tempted to go any longer; otherwise, you will turn heads for the wrong reasons. 

Long hairstyle – 22 inch hair extensions

Hair can never be long enough, right? By adding extensions, you aren’t only boosting volume and bounce but adding a completely new look. If you already have long hair, longer extensions will suit it perfectly.  

People with longer hair have plenty of choices, and in terms of extensions, you can take your pick, from 20” to 22”, even go up to 24 inch hair or try 26”. There are accessories like clip-in ponytails and other fashionable items you can explore. 

These lengths will offer a luscious look with a hairpiece that either goes below your chest or even your waist. Again, it all depends on how tall you are. 

When you have a long natural hairstyle, it’s quite easy to add extensions. However, it’s crucial to use high-quality Indian hair extensions that look and have the same texture as your natural hair. 

Choose the right thickness

Now that you know how to choose the right length, it’s time to move to thickness. First, you should start by gathering your hair into a ponytail to see how thick it is. If your ponytail is less than 2” thick, you have fine hair. 

A ponytail between two and three inches indicates average thickness, while anything beyond four inches means thick hair. 

You don’t need more than 100g of extensions for fine hair. These are the thinnest extensions available and will blend seamlessly with your fine hairstyle. If you opt for thicker extensions, they will make your hair look choppy and uneven. 

For average hair, we recommend 180g extensions. They are great for a hairstyle that is neither thick nor fine. Try to stick to these measurements to avoid your hair looking uneven.

Finally, if you deal with thick hair, you will need 200g extensions. They will look great if you have super thick hair or even curls. If you opt for extensions that are too thin, it will make your hairstyle less voluminous than it actually is. 

What is the minimum length for hair extensions? 

Have you ever wondered how short hair extensions can be? We suggest your curls be at least seven inches long; that’s the minimum hair length for extensions. If you have shorter hair than this, we don’t recommend getting extensions because your hairstyle may look unnatural since shorter strands can’t hide the points of attachments. 

If you have short and thin hair, then getting shoulder-length extensions would be your best option. Make sure that your extensions aren’t longer than 1.5 inches so that they don’t put too much weight on your original hairstyle. 

Choose the bonding style that looks most natural. Many people opt for micro keratin bonds because they look great on short hair. 

What is the longest hair extension length? 

The longest hair extension goes up to 40 inches. If you want to try tape-in and clip-in, the maximum we’ve seen is 30 inches. 26” and 28” extensions will be around your waist, just above your butt, assuming you are at least 5.4 ft tall. 

If you decide to curl your hair, obviously, the length will decrease. 30” and 32” extensions will basically cover your butt, while curls will be slightly above it. 34” and 36” extensions will pass your rear, while 38” and 40” extensions are more suitable for women who really love lengthy hair. 

Long hair extensions: pros and cons 

We can easily list advantages, right: 

First of all, the natural appeal of long hair provides a sexy and stunning look. Next, you can shape and style long hair the way you like it. And lastly, you can accomplish almost any hair look because you have the length. 

Now, let’s mention a couple of disadvantages: 

No one really mentions thin and split ends, but they are a real problem for people with longer hair. Also, it becomes quite challenging and tedious to maintain and keep those ends healthy. Moreover, washing longer hair means using more products, while drying time will be doubled. 

You can always treat split ends by using natural products like olive oil, which has shown great results. Also, regular trimming can help. 


Putting on extensions doesn’t always mean choosing the longest or shortest hair. You need to know the basics before you decide to change your hairstyle. We hope this guide will help you decide your ideal length. Tell us what you think about this!