Raw Premium South Indian Temple Hair


Our Premium Raw South Indian Premium Temple Hair is the hallmark product of Hair Maiden India. Our premium temple hair comes from the absolute top tier of the most exclusive temples of south India.  This hair has all the same amazing qualities as our natural temple hair with more thickness and exclusivity of extremely rare south Indian temple hair. The donors from the south cover their hair to protect it from the sun and use coconut oils to achieve a healthy thick head of hair. This is the most cuticle healthy hair available on the human hair market. Other hair companies simply do Not carry this level of hair quality.

For a video on the difference between South Indian Hair and North Indian Hair please: The differences between North and South Indian Hair

For long inches, please see our Rare Young Donor Hair product.

*Each price listed is for one bundle of hair (approx. 3.5-4.0 ounces).

Select one color option. Colors other than #1b can only be purchased in raw or natural straight, and wavy. No steamed hair for colors.


South Indian Temple Hair

Hair Extensions

Our premium hair extensions weigh about 5-10 grams more on average than the natural temple hair. This hair has all the same amazing qualities as the natural temple hair with added thickness near the ends and exclusively rare quality. These donors, unlike the ones in the North, used coconut oils and covered their hair as part of daily routine, ensuring minimal damage to the cuticles. This hair is easier to color and bleach and lasts long after doing so than our Natural North Indian Hair. North Indin hair is still high quality, long lasting, natural hair, however it is not as cuticle healthy as the South Indian Hair.

Our premium temple hair comes from the top tier of the most exclusive temples of south India. To purchase direct from these temples an Indian tax ID, and land are required. There is absolutely no filming allowed. The HMI team has spent countless hours in these temples humbly researching and observing this fascinating tradition. In these exclusive and remote temples, we learned that our hair will come only from donors in regions of India that have never exposed their cuticles to harsh chemicals, coloring agents, and/or damaging styling methods.

With these and other personal connections forged in India, we offer premium temple hair with authenticity and beauty that are unmatched. This hair has a unique soft silky feel and a pleasing natural smell. The hair is uniformly thick at the bottoms of the bundles providing a full and beautiful look. In combination with the hair, our technologically advanced double machine weft methods ensure tight tangle free wearing of your beautiful extensions that are sure to enhance your look and last you for years to come.

This hair is comparable to “10a” hair, which other companies use to grade their bundles.

This hair can be washed and conditioned as normal (we recommend all organic washes) and should be left to air-dry naturally.

This gorgeous hair is also very versatile. It can be dyed, permed, straightened; flat-ironed, curled and/or pressed in order to achieve the look you want. Just like all of our raw, virgin, unprocessed hair, this beautiful, authentic premium temple hair has not been mixed with any kind of synthetic hair fibers nor any hair from other origins. This hair is double machine wefted and with careful attention to keep the cuticles intact and aligned, to prevent any tangling, matting, or shedding. This hair only comes in natural hair colors, such as black, dark brown, and light brown, however the hair can be dyed, cut and/or styled in order to meet personal preference.

We recommend a minimum of 2-3 bundles for a full sew-in on most.

Since the premium temple hair is the top-notch quality within the hair industry today, we only offer this to exclusive clientele and industry professionals.

These premium temple hair bundles have nearly even density from top to bottom, which is very rare in longer lengths of raw unprocessed human hair. This hair is either naturally wavy or naturally straight and is used mostly by our clients well established within the entertainment and fashion industry. We take pride in this hair and hope that you will as well.

Styles – Natural Raw Straight, Natural Raw Curly, Natural Raw Wavy

Lengths – 10-34

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