What makes a great hair vendor?

Thinking of getting into the hair business, or do you just need high-quality extensions for yourself? Finding a great hair vendor isn’t as easy as it seems. There are many people online who will promise you all kinds of stuff, and you can easily find thousands of vendors just by Googling or scrolling through Instagram. 

However, before you commit yourself to one person or a company, you should know what qualities make an outstanding hair vendor. For that purpose; we’ve created a short guide where we’ve listed some vendor features you don’t want to miss. 

Raw hair vendors will always discuss the price

When you locate a potential vendor, ask them to submit you a price list and all the available products. For instance, if you wish to purchase raw Indian hair, or sell frontals and wigs, or maybe get virgin hair extensions, a reliable vendor will always discuss potential details of the deal and offer you a price. 

You are entitled to have tons of questions, and they should answer all of them. Also, when shopping for extensions, specify the items you want to see. For instance: “can you please provide me with the price list of the premium hair you offer?”

In that case, the person selling the extensions and wigs sees you are serious about purchasing high-quality products only. 

Raw Indian hair vendors will provide photos

A good vendor will provide you with photos and videos of various product textures without even asking. On the other hand, if they don’t seem too fond of sending you anything or don’t have photos, run away and don’t look back. 

A reliable vendor will always provide necessary information and establish clean communication channels. However, some of them may consider you a competition, especially if you ask for many pictures. In fact, salesmen don’t like to waste time, especially if you aren’t serious about buying anything. 

If you end up asking a lot of questions, make sure to tell them you are only interested in high-quality hair. If you receive the information you requested, you can continue working with this salesman. Please note that some international vendors operate on different business hours, so they might not answer some of your questions right away. 

Hair vendors will reveal hidden fees and shipping rates

Unfortunately, many of them fail to mention this part. For example, if you get prices that look too good to be true, expect some hidden fees, therefore, you need to be careful. These charges often include incredibly high shipping rates. 

Sometimes, the fees will cost you more than actual hairpieces. While shipping for three bundles can be approximately $25, keep in mind that shipping anything back will be at least $50 to $100. 

You should always ask for hidden fees and check how your hair extension supplier responds. Reliable and trustworthy salesmen will always be honest with you. 

Unfortunately, even if the vendor offers to calculate every hidden cost, it doesn’t mean they can’t make a mistake. These costs tend to fluctuate very often, so it can be challenging to predict the actual price. 

Indian hair vendor will offer samples

If you develop great communication with a vendor, they should always offer you a hair sample before you make your purchase. We suggest you get two bundles from different grades. Be aware that density and grades aren’t real measurements. 

In fact, companies can name their grades. But you can only distinguish the hair quality when comparing two different grades. Getting hair pieces like this helps you determine how reliable your vendor is. 

If a salesman offers to send you only one grade, it means they either have premium or poor-quality hair, and it’s usually the latter one. Regardless, don’t do business with a company that provides you with only one hair type. 

Also, don’t expect to get cheap bundles or free samples. You want to ask for a full bundle to inspect versatility and fullness. 

Raw Indian hair vendors will have a refund policy

If you are importing products , don’t expect to get a refund or be able to  return anything. Due to a high shipping fee, it will be nearly impossible for you to return bundles. However, you should always ask about the return and refund policy before buying anything. 

Reliable vendors will have everything set in place. There are so many reasons you would request a refund from wig shops in Los Angeles. Maybe you aren’t satisfied with the quality, or you got the wrong item, or you received a defective product. Many reliable vendors will offer to return the product, but don’t expect them to pay a shipping fee. 

On the other hand, a bad vendor will tell you the right way that there is no return. To some extent, it’s understandable for extension companies not to offer a return policy. They just want to protect themselves from consumer fraud. 

A good hair vendor will grow with you

Always trust your intuition. If you feel that something is wrong, move on to the next vendor. For instance, hair extensions Los Angeles vendor has really great deals you can explore, and trust is one of the principal things they value. 

If you want to find a vendor closer to your home, then make sure to partner with someone who will support you. For instance, they will teach you things you don’t know and grow with you. 

Overall, a great vendor will want you to succeed because you will be improving their business as well. 


We hope that some of the treats we mentioned throughout the article will help you find a great hair vendor. The most important thing is their honesty. As you probably know, there are low-quality and high-quality extension factories. 

For example, if you find a hair shop in Los Angeles that ticks all the boxes, we suggest you stick to it and don’t experiment too much.