What type of hair extensions do celebrities use?

Celebrities change the length of their hair all the time. One day you see them wearing short hair; the next day, they have perfectly styled waves. But how does their hair look so good? Well, the secret lies in hair extensions. 

The hair industry has become so advanced that we can hardly notice the difference between natural and fake hair. Many A-listers think of hair extensions as a regular part of their beauty routine, and we love seeing them impose new hair trends.  

Here we bring you the most popular extension methods celebrities use, so you can find one that works best for you. 

Custom virgin hair clip-ins 

Nowadays, custom clip-ins are very popular among celebrities because they can customize these extensions any way they like. For instance, clients can change the width of the actual rows, length, and color, to fit their needs. 

Clip-ins can’t expire; they just wear out over time. If you have some old clip-ins in your drawer, they are still good. The only reason you may want to replace them is if they’ve been destroyed by styling tools, tons of washes, or brushing. 

You can choose different styles of clip-ins, like ponytails or 20-inch balayage, to name a few. The average cost for clip-ins is between $250–$350. 

Keratin Individuals

Keratin individuals are also known as a fusion method. In this case, each extension is gathered by a bond at the top, holding all the stands together. The hairstylist places the bond against the small section of the client’s hair that has the same thickness as the extension, which is then melted with a hot wand. 

Once the bond is sealed, a hair stylist will roll it with their fingers. It usually takes around 200 pieces for a full head of keratin individuals. They last for three months, and their price is around $1,000. These extensions are great because they are made of 100% human hair and come in a wide selection of colors, lengths, and styles. 

Keratin Individuals

Beaded Wefts

This method appeared in 2004, but now you can see it almost anywhere. The “weft” method includes a row of hair, which is attached with tiny silicone-lined beads to the client’s natural hair, making an even row of curtain hair. 

The weft will lay flat against the client’s hair while creating a lot of volume. It will take up to four rows to get an average full head, and this process can be done in 40 minutes. Keep in mind that maintenance is necessary every six to eight weeks, and wefts must be repositioned against the scalp. This type of procedure will cost between $800–$1,500. 

HD frontals 

Aside from extensions, celebrities tend to use wigs as well to boost their performance on and off stage. HD frontals are made of undetectable lace cap with 100% virgin hair. The great thing about frontals is that you can part or style them any way you want. 

HD lace is also called Swiss lace, a premium material that’s invisible when you apply it to the scalp. This way, you will have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural. There is no thinner lace than HD, which practically disappears into the scalp. 

Indian Remy hair extensions

These extensions are made of 100% natural Indian human hair, which comes directly from a donor. It means cuticles run in the same direction, and there is no tangling or shedding. This hair type is lightweight, soft, and bouncy, so you can easily curl and style extensions. 

Bundles of Indian hair are collected from a human donor. They blend very well and remove effortlessly, so it’s no wonder why Indian Remy hair extensions are popular among celebrities. On top of everything, they will last from six months to one year, depending on care. 

Indian Remy Hair

Celebrities who use hair extensions 

Jennifer Lopez

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has always had stunning and luscious hair. However, she owes her styling chic to beauty professionals who use natural human hair to transform her look. 

Rihanna’s 22 inch hair

Back in the day, Rihanna used to change her hair a lot. For instance, she would go from extra short to long luscious curls in a matter of days. Also, we could see her changing her hair color from a natural shade to acid red. All this experimentation negatively impacted her natural hair, so she had to use extensions and wigs. 


Aside from being a popular actress, Zendaya also loves experimenting with her hair. One day she would get an ultra-short bob, and the next, she would change it to curls. Of course, she is using hair extensions. 

Pamela Anderson 

After all these years, Pamela Anderson is still rocking her stunning blond wavy hair. But, as time passed, her hair got damaged from continuous bleaching, so now she prefers wearing fusion hair extensions. 

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is another celebrity who ruined her hair with frequent dyeing. Now, she compensates for the loss with extensions, which give her hair a thicker, healthier, and more natural appearance. 

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities who never hid she was using hair extensions. In fact, her passion for extensions earned her the nickname “the hair extension queen.” 

Britney Spears 

Britney loves wearing her hair extensions, which is why she has such stunning hair. 

Victoria Beckham 

Who would have thought that Victoria Beckham wears hair extensions, right? In one of her interviews, she admitted that she loves wearing Russian hair extensions because they give her a natural and stylish look. 

Hailey Bieber 

People often say Hailey Bieber is too perfect, including her hair. While a rigorous workout regime and a healthy diet help her stay in shape, hair extensions complement her look perfectly. 

What are the benefits of hair extensions?  

Now that you know what types of extensions are popular among celebrities, you might consider getting yourself one. If you aren’t sure whether to install hair extensions or not, here are some benefits that will change your mind. 

Help you hide split ends

Many women love having long hair, and the vast majority of them are struggling with split ends. As your hair grows longer, the split ends become more visible. Fortunately, extensions can help. 

They will hide split ends, making your hair look more vibrant and healthier. In fact, extensions are one of the easiest ways to reach your hair goals. 

Add color 

In the past, women only wore hair extensions to add length. But, if you are looking for a healthy and easy way to change your look, extensions can be a solution. They come in bold colors and are available in different styles. You can even choose extensions with Balayage and Ombre look without dyeing your hair. 

Add volume

Does your straight hair bore you? Well, you can finally add instant volume and make your hair look thick and bouncy. As we mentioned, this is how celebrities have a luscious red carpet hairstyle. If you decide to add hair extensions, you will end up with a voluminous, glossy mane. 

Add length 

Growing your hair requires a lot of time and patience. Depending on how long you want your hair to be, you might need to wait a couple of years before you accomplish your goal. However, extensions can significantly speed up this process. 

In fact, they are ideal for people who want to have long hair. You can even cut or style your extensions to have a more subtle look, or you can go with waist-length hair. 

You can play with different hairstyles

If you love to experiment with hair but don’t have a length or you are worried about damaging your hair, extensions are the answer. With so many extensions available on the market, you can achieve any look you want, minus the waiting time to grow your hair long or damage from straightening iron. 

You basically have unlimited styling options you can try, while hair extensions enable you to express multiple personalities. 

Easy to use 

Just imagine never leaving your home and having a perfect hairstyle. Just clip in your extensions, and you are good to go. They allow you to transform your look in seconds. Not only are they easy to install and style, but certain hairpieces save you a lot of valuable time. 

Boost your confidence

In our opinion, this is one of the biggest advantages of hair extensions. Hairstyle plays a crucial role in many people’s self-esteem. When you are confident about yourself, nothing can stop you.


Celebrities are those who set up trends and champion change. Should you love any of the hair extensions we mentioned in this article, check with your hairstylist to find the best option for your needs.